Meet the new Vela One

The new Vela One flash is here, and to celebrate we're offering free shipping worldwide on all orders.

The first batch of Vela One flashes sold out quickly, but before building more we wanted to make a few improvements. It may look almost the same, but there are lots of small tweaks and upgrades to the hardware and software to make it even better than before. 

What's new?

The Vela One is still the fastest flash you can buy, but a little bit better. The main change that photographers will notice is the new strobe mode. The first Vela One flashes supported high-speed bursts of up to six flashes. The new Vela One still supports burst mode, but adds a new strobe mode for continuous, externally triggered strobing. This mode supports speeds of up to 50Hz - a 20ms interval between flashes - and can continue to flash at this speed indefinitely, with no worries about recycle times.

The other changes are smaller, and include improved power management, giving longer battery life, more reliable capacitor charging and more robust LED protection. The hardware is improved with higher-quality metalwork, now manufactured in the UK. There's also all new more robust eco packaging, to keep your Vela One safe and secure. 

Free shipping

We're really pleased to also announce that we're now offering free express shipping, worldwide, on all orders. Most packages are sent via UPS or TNT, so will be with you quickly. To find out more and to order yours now, see the Vela store.