Vela One Kickstarter: Done

It's been a long time coming, but as of today all Vela One Kickstarter rewards have shipped, along with all pre-orders. I'd like to thank all of you for your patience. We're four months late, which is unfortunate but a lot better than many projects! 

Now comes the fun bit: the photos. The first few people who received their rewards have already started to share their shots on the Vela Flickr pool. Head over for some inspiration. Alan Sailer has just posted another set of psychedelic strobe shots of the destruction of Christmas decorations which must be seen to be believed. Most importantly, join the group and share your own photos!

Now that the rewards and pre-orders have shipped, it's the perfect time to order extras. We only have a limited number left from this production run, and they should be ready to ship next week or the week after. We've had to reject more of the metalwork than I'd hoped, due to damage and manufacturing faults, so we have fewer left over than I'd anticipated. This means you really should get in quickly if you want to get another one. I'm not going to be placing another order this year, so you'll have a long wait otherwise! Head over to the shop to order now.

* There are still a couple of custom print rewards still to ship. Don't worry: I haven't forgotten you!