We're shipping!

It's finally happening: we're shipping! The first 30 are boxed and ready. A small number of these went out yesterday, and most of the rest went today. Another 30 have now arrived and I'll be boxing those up and shipping them over the weekend.

The first batch are all to UK backers, mainly due to the courier schedules. They mostly shipped by DPD, who I've always found to be a great courier. I believe they'll give you a 1 hour window for delivery. The 30 that I am boxing up now will be going to other countries, in backer order. 

The Kickstarter orders should have all shipped out by the end of next week, and I'll then be moving onto the pre-orders, mostly in order of purchase, but batched by destination. 

There have been some delays with the Vela Pop, which means they're not ready for shipping. Rather than delay the Vela One any further, I'm shipping these first consignments without the Vela Pop, and I'll be sending those to follow. That should be by the end of next week. The delays are down to some firmware issues that came up late in testing, which could stop the Pop from properly powering-down, meaning the battery would drain in a few days. I'm working on a fix and should be able to program and bag up the triggers soon. If you caught my posts on Instagram you will have seen the neat packaging that I have for the Vela Pop. It's a clever inflatable pouch which protects it very well.

Thanks everyone for your patience. It's been a long journey, but we've made it!