Yes, it's good news!

After all of the delays I'm really excited to be able to come here with some good news. I've just spoken to the factory, and the first complete flash is coming off the line TODAY! They're sending it to me for approval, so all going well I should have it signed-off tomorrow. I promise photos will be forthcoming as soon as they're in my hands. I'm going to do my best to get the first units shipped this week, but in a piece of epically poor timing I'm actually moving house this weekend, so there's a good chance it'll not be until the beginning of next week that the first large batches ship.

As a little bonus, I can reveal the first look at the packaging! I promised that I'd be trying something a bit more than a basic box. I'm happy to announce that the Vela One will ship in a proper padded, reusable carry case, with a handle and space for cables, flash adapters and your Vela Pop. I'm afraid it is just cardboard, but it is sturdy enough to store and transport your flash and accessories. This photo is the CNC-cut brown card for the prototype. The real thing is in white, with neater die-cut edges.